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“Nadine is a genuine person with a naturally positive outlook. She has the ability to make one feel comfortable yet challenged with a very insightful perspective. She is a professional who I have great respect for and recommend her highly to anyone wanting to find their true calling in both life and the business world.”M. Eberle, Twisted Logic Marketing and Web Production

“Incredible balance between task and people’s needs. Authentic and honest with a strong fixation on truth.” – G. Grobbelaar, Life Coach and owner at Identigrate

“Nadine vraagt de juiste dingen, op de juiste manier, op het juiste moment. Ze is ontzettend begripvol, waardoor ze ontzettend goed is in wat ze doet.” V. O’Herne-Visser, Sales at Heineken

“As I look back at my coaching journey with Nadine, I notice how much strength and resources I have inside and how she’s helped me to discover, also own them. A very inspiring and empowering experience.” S. Farren, Life coach

I have always found Nadine very approachable, whether it was something minor or a huge “thing” going on in my life she was always been there to hear me out. One of Nadine’s prized possessions is her honesty, which sometimes we don’t like to hear but need to…. I could have made a few wrong decision in the past but with some guidance from Nadine it has been avoided. When I think of Nadine, I think of the most caring and unselfish person, who will go out of her way to help someone and expect nothing in return but for that person to just have happiness.

I think of how she has made all these huge and brave decisions and changes in her life in the last couple of months and to hear and see how happy she is gives me hope that if you do truly want something and you persevere you will ultimately and eventually get it…. it just takes faith!” – N. Ormerod, Baker Tilly Greenwoods

“Een absolute aanrader! 

Nadine heeft mij erg goed geholpen met het opstarten van mijn onderneming @Trinity Woods. Ze heeft goed geluisterd naar mijn (vele) wensen en hier zonder problemen op ingespeeld.

Ze brengt haar ideeën en jouw ideeën bij elkaar.” – H. van Hulst, Owner at Trinity Woods